What sets the William Black Lodge apart from other retreats and conference centers? We asked guests that question, and a surprising number of them responded with almost the same words, describing our lodge as their “home away from home,” their “second home,” and “the perfect place to stay in Montreat.” Read on to discover why so many individuals and groups return year after year to the William Black Lodge and Retreat Center.

Testimonial_donThe William Black Lodge and Conference Center is like a ‘home away from home’ for our UNC Charlotte College of Engineering Leadership Academy. Our typical group of 24 junior and senior college engineering students and the six to eight staff, faculty, and guests feel completely at home at the lodge. The facilities completely meet our needs with appropriate rooming arrangements, a large meeting room for group activities, smaller working rooms for groups of four to six, and a large outside activity area where we can both work (when needed) and play (when we have time). And, of course, the whole environment in and around Assembly Inn, Lake Susan and the village of Montreat is just wonderful.

We look forward to annual visits to the William Black Lodge because we can focus on the students and their learning and not have to concern ourselves with facilities, food, snacks, and schedule. And, the price is so very reasonable. As it stands we are actively looking at an annual commitment of three weekends a year to effectively handle two cohorts each year. Our students love it and look forward to the weekends. I personally like staying at the lodge because the staff and faculty make it so easy to focus on working with the students and knowing that the details are covered. Even the reservation process, the confirmations, and the payments are very easy to handle. Being involved with the William Black Lodge is so much like an extension of ‘family’ or ‘the school’ that we truly consider it to be an extension of our program.

It is indeed my pleasure to recommend the William Black Lodge and Conference Center to my friends and other leaders and facilitators of college student activities.

– Donald Blackmon, Director, Lee College of Engineering Leadership Academy, UNC Charlotte


I have come to Montreat each summer for most of the past 27 or so years. I always stay at the William Black Lodge. It has become an important place in my life – for continuity, tradition, but also for the welcome I feel there. It feels like a second home to me. The food is great, what a bonus!

– Bob Brown, Louisville, KY


William Black Lodge affords all the comforts of home, with hearty and healthy meals each day. The rooms are clean and restful, and the beds are comfortable! The managers … provide a warm and friendly welcome to each guest, and do all they can to assure that guests will have a great time. William Black Lodge is a great ‘home away from home.’

– Don Potter (right), Middletown, PA


Once we discovered William Black Lodge, our search for the perfect place to stay in Montreat was over. It is so convenient – no struggling with moving the car. I can get to lunch and back to our conference easily. And the porch … the porch is the perfect place to visit with old and new friends. Staff is so friendly … It’s the only place for us!

– Richard & Judy Foster (on sofa), Madison, MS

2013_06_20_WILLIAM_BLACK_LODGE_MONTREAT_NCWilliam Black Lodge is our ‘home away from home.’ The atmosphere is welcoming and intimate enough that you get to meet people during meals, in the lobby, and while sitting on the front porch. The porch is a great gathering spot where you can look out over Montreat and watch the hummingbirds around the hanging feeders. Staying at William Black is the highlight of every summer!

– Barbara Marson, Lumberton, NC

2013_06_20_WILLIAM_BLACK_LODGE_MONTREAT_NCThe William Black Lodge is a great place to stay. There is a peacefulness there that I have found at no other place. The accommodations are very nice; the staff, warm, professional
and friendly.

– Barney McCann, Raymond, MS

2013_06_20_WILLIAM_BLACK_LODGE_MONTREAT_NCI’ve been coming to the William Black Lodge for over 20 years. It is ‘home away from home.’ Fine accommodations and delicious food.

– David Binkley, Camp Hill, PA